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How To Enter

Creativity 44: A start to finish guide

Creativity International Awards welcomes you to the our Competitions. Here is a helpful guide to navigating your way through our submission/entry website. Any questions should be answered here. If not, please contact us.

Step 1a: Registration
Click on the competition you are interested in submitting to and register for a password using your email address. This includes entering company contact information. You will have to login after registration to begin submitting entries. You only have to set up an account once - you can use that same account to enter every competition.


Step 1b: The Entrant Form
Complete the Company Information form started in the registration process. All necessary fields are marked with an asterisk. You must also agree to the Terms & Conditions of this year's competition. Your username and password can be changed in this form. All entrants must verify Professional or Non-Professional status, re-accept the T&C at the bottom of the page and identify where you heard about Creativity before the system will allow you to continue. Also verify all contact information if you are a returning entrant as that makes communication much easier!


Step 2: Creating an Entry
You can now create entries by clicking the "Add New Entry" button the the left in the Main Menu. Please complete all relevant data including category, title, client name and credit information. Please remember all credit information will be reproduced as entered - due to the amount of entries received we cannot verify information before publicizing the winners.


Step 3: Upload Files/Prepare Entries for Mailing
Files are uploaded within your entrant account. Please make sure the upload worked and the file is not corrupted. The category you are entering will determine what file types you can upload. There are no longer size restrictions on any files. Any problems you experience should be directed to Creativity Awards immediately.

If you choose to mail one or all of your entries - print the entry labels for each entry being mailed. Click the "Print Labels" button in the Main Menu. If you do not need an address label - select the entry labels you need to print and right click then select "print" - you will then be able to print only what you need.

Affix the labels to the back or outside of the entries. Include a copy of your invoice with the package. Please see our website for the mailing address. You will receive confirmation via email that we have received your package.


Step 4: Paying the Entry Fees
After completing all your entries, it is time to pay your invoice. Select "Pay Entry Fees" in the Main Menu. Examine your invoice and verify it is correct. Please contact Creativity Awards immediately if you see a problem.

You may choose to pay securely online, send a check or credit card payment in the mail, wire transfer or PayPal - all payment information is found on the check out page. You will receive confirmation and a paid invoice via email that we have received your payment.


Step 5: Submit to Judging

All entries must be submitted to judging. This indicates that you have completed all steps. You will have access to your entries until this step. Click on the red "incomplete" on the View/Submit Entry page and then click "Submit to Judging."

If "Mail Entry" submission method was selected, entry will remain "incomplete" until processed. Creativity International will submit the entry to judging at that time. Please contact us if you need changes made to your entry or credits after that time. Once all parts of an entry and/or payments are received, entries will be accepted into judging.


Step 6: Winning/Ordering Awards

To keep our entry fee prices dowbn - we give you the options of ordering trophies & customized certificates for your win. We will notify you within 30 days of judging of the status of your entries - winner or non-winner. All winners receive 2 complimentary certificates with entry title, category and creative firm printed on them in addition to a decal indicating the level of win. 

Our winner levels are:
Honorable Mention - Winners will be featured in our app and listed online with links to creative firm.
Silver Winner - Winners will be featured in our app and listed online with links to creative firm.
Gold Winner  - Winners will be featured in our app, listed online with links to creative firm and in our traveling winner exhibit
Platinum Winner - Winners will be featured in our app, online and in our traveling winner exhibit.
Best in Show Professional & Student for both Media & Print will receive 1 complimentary trophy. Winners will be featured in our app, online and in our traveling winner exhibit.

All ordered certificates and trophies are fully customizable and can be shipped to anywhere you want. If you have trouble with the order process please contact us.

Scores and any available commentary can be obtained buy submitting a request in writing to:
Creativity International Awards
Score Request
974 Breckenridge Lane, #190
Louisville, KY  40207-4619
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